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Other things I've written about mothering, children, or parenting.


"I Play, Therefore I Am:  Resisting the 'Work' of Single Motherhood in a Culture of Labour-Intensive Parenting" in Mothering and Lone/Single Parenting. ed. Maki Motapanyane. Demeter Press. 2016. Under Review.

"Her Cape is at the Cleaners: Searching for Single Motherhood in a Culture of Self-Sufficiency" in Mothers, Mothering, and Motherhood Across Cultural Differences.  ed. Andrea O'Reilly. Demeter Press. May 2014.

"Why Can't Pop Culture Get Single Moms Right?"  The Atlantic.  April 2014.

"In the Hours."  Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature & Environment. Autumn 2011, Vol. 18 Issue 4.


"Making It: The Risks of ‘Investment’ Mothering." NWSA/MIRCI Roundtable: Mothering, Love, and Labor: New Feminist Perspectives.  San Juan, Puerto Rico, NWSA Annual Conference: Feminist Transgressions (November 2014) 

  “A Question of Naturalness: Mothering and Technology.” MIT, Cambridge, Gender, Sexuality and Urban Spaces Conference (March 2011)

“The Art of Maternal Poetry: the Natural and the Verbal.”  Nola Studios, New York City: Mothers in the Arts, Literature, Media and Popular Culture (May 2010)

“O Mother Where Art Thou: The Waning of ‘Mother Earth’ Metaphors.” York Univ., Toronto: Mothering & the Environment: The Natural, The Social, & the Built (October 2009)